We pride ourselves on being the Melbourne CBD specialists — we only lease and manage properties in the area. We are committed to leasing your property, not diverting our time into handling sales.

Ruma focus on one development at a time, forming a deep knowledge of the building, and creating longstanding relationships with the developer and builders. Through these connections, Ruma provide priority service and ensure all issues are rectified in a timely manner. We are comprised of experts with extensive, hands on knowledge of property investment. We understand what is important to you, and how to maximise your investment. 

We offer services such as pre-settlement inspections, landlord insurance, contacts to legal consultancy, accounting and other specialists, and assist with tax depreciation. We are effectively a one stop shop for you to protect and maximise your investment. The Australian tax and regulatory system can be complicated, and our extensive services aim to benefit both yourself and your investment.

Relationships and values are vital to us. We build longstanding relationships with tenants to help protect your investment, and keep a constant line of communication between the tenant, and you, the landlord. In a challenging market, we are highly motivated and creative in finding new tenants, and closing leasing deals on the best possible terms for you.